12 Family Cars That Are Safe, Spacious, and So Much More

While it’s easy to drool over the muscle cars or exotic concepts, at the end of the day it’s the family car that drives Americans into dealerships. Versatility, fuel economy, and safety are among the top attributes any good parent will look for — but that no longer means limiting buyers to minivans. As families have shrunk, for one, cars have gotten progressively bigger. A current generation Volkswagen Golf, for example, boasts a 20 percent larger interior than its first generation counterpart, while a full-size 2015 Range Rover is a healthy 12 percent larger than its 1970 stablemate. Then there are the amenities: Heated seats, stylish grilles, and athletic stances have all found a place in otherwise practical vehicles. In other words, the family car is no longer a cookie-cutter buy. Just see these 12 great cars as proof.


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