12 Foods to Eat Every Week to Lower Your Risk for Alzheimer’s

The MIND diet was recently ranked as the easiest diet to follow. Even better, it cuts your risk for developing Alzheimer’s by 58 percent. Here are 12 foods that researchers have repeatedly studied and found to be correlated with a lower ​risk of dementia.

1. Champagne

Three glasses of champagne every week is enough to keep Alzheimer’s and dementia at bay, research says. A study out of the University of Reading revealed that a compound in the grapes used to make champagne can help “increase spatial memory, improve cognitive function and promote learning and memory retention.”

2. Green leafies

Every day, eat green leafy vegetables and one other kind of veggie. Sound hard? Think salads, with a mix of lettuce, baby spinach or kale, carrots, bell peppers, and cauliflower or broccoli. Done!

3. Nuts

High in healthy fats, nuts are not only good for your brain, but your heart and waistline, too. So snack on a handful on most days.


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