12 Things That Show Exactly How You Treat Yourself

A wise person once said, “The only person you will spend your entire life with is yourself.” And they were absolutely right. The thing is, we are the people that decide who we will live with for the rest of our lives: a happy person who gets a lot of care and attention, or someone whose wishes and interests are never the top priority.

We at are sure that people who sincerely love and value themselves are always in good company. And there are some seemingly unimportant little things that can actually say a lot about a person’s attitude toward themselves.

Not eating or drinking from dishes with chips

12 Things That Show Exactly How You Treat Yourself

A person who respects themselves will throw away a favorite cup or a plate if they see a chip on it. But if a person thinks, “Whatever, it’s good enough,” and continues to eat from this plate for years, it means that at a subconscious level, they know they don’t deserve the best things in life. When we settle for less, we don’t get the stuff we actually deserve.

  • I once said something bad about the dishes at my kids’ school. The dishes were really old and had chips in them. And the people working at school went all, “So what? Do they need some fancy plates or something?” So, people don’t see a problem with feeding kids from bad plates! This is normal for them. And when the kids grow up, they will think it’s normal to do a job they hate, live in a town they don’t like, and so on… Is this what they deserve? © SuslenkovaElena / Twitter
  • For me, a plate with a chip is something I will never use. There are no other options. A crack in a plate has a negative influence on me and I will throw away even a cup I absolutely love. Yes, I liked it, but what can I do? © dobraya_utra / Twitter

Taking care of what you eat

12 Things That Show Exactly How You Treat Yourself

If people eat whatever they can get their hands on, it means they don’t care about themselves. And it’s not about the price of the food (we all buy food at a discount — that’s fine). Even if a person’s income is not very high, if they value themselves, they will try to have a balanced diet and buy more quality food. And someone who eats the cheapest pasta and meat isn’t thinking about their health and is not very careful.


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