12 Things That Show Exactly How You Treat Yourself

Serving the table before having a meal

12 Things That Show Exactly How You Treat Yourself

You can go to fancy restaurants, only buy food at stores that sell the best products, and you can even follow all the recommendations from your personal nutritionist. But all of this doesn’t mean anything if you eat your meals fast and while looking at the screen of your smartphone or TV. If you spend more time eating your food, you can not only improve your digestion but also strengthen your relationship with yourself.

When Kamin Mohammadi, a magazine editor from London, went to Florence to learn to love herself and accept herself the way Italians do, one of the first tips she got was how to serve the table. A local person told her, “I set the table, put a napkin, maybe even a vase with flowers, a glass of wine. I cook something delicious. Not because someone is checking to see how good my table looks. I do it for me. I do it because I feel good when I do it. This way, I feel more attractive, I feel happier. This is how I show respect for myself.”

Not answering the phone / replying to a text if you can’t

12 Things That Show Exactly How You Treat Yourself

Nowadays, when almost every person in the world has a phone in their pocket and texts are sent every minute, it has become almost impossible to ignore e-mails, texts, and phone calls. But there’s nothing terrible about not replying to texts right away. Someone who really values their time sets their priorities straight, lives, and behaves according to their own wishes and needs. This is why they have the right to ignore the sudden attempts to intrude into their private life.

  • I never reply to work texts after 6 PM even if my boss needs something from me. This is respect for the work of everyone, and it doesn’t depend on the position you have.

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