13 Surprising Places Where Photography is Banned

Photographs are one of the best souvenirs. With just a click of a button you can immortalise your memories, the people you met and the places you loved. However, some of the most beautiful places in the world don’t allow photography and some will even fine you for breaking this rule. Find out where you won’t be able to snap away to your heart’s content.

Inside the Taj Mahal

Agra, India

The outside? Sure, snap away. But the inside is a tomb and it’s disrespectful to photograph it. There are strict rules dictating what you can and can’t capture inside, as well as guards to check that you’re not sneaking pictures.

Michelangelo’s David

Florence, Italy

You can stare at the magnificent statue up close, but if you have a camera around your neck, you can expect admonishment from guards who yell ‘No photo!’ with alarming regularity.

Jiangsu National Security Education Museum

Nanjing, China

Unless you’re a Chinese citizen, you’re not allowed to enter this spy museum. It houses spying equipment, gadgets and documents dating from 1927 and is considered to be too sensitive for foreigners to view. But even if you are allowed inside, you won’t be able to photograph what you see.


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