20 Signs That Reveal Nutritional Deficiencies in Your Body

Nutritional deficiencies are common in the United States, even among seemingly healthy people. While nutritional deficiency signs and symptoms usually take time to show up, there are early indications. You can begin to detect nutritional deficiencies early on in subtle ways that you may not have known before.

Your doctor doesn’t always know what is normal for you, so you can’t leave it to them to notice. Plus, not all deficiencies will show up on lab tests at the doctor’s office, either. You must watch for these things yourself and tell your doctor about them.

Watch for these 20 signs to help you get healthy.


If you notice that your tongue is sore or has a burning sensation, it could be a sign of vitamin B2 deficiency. You might also experience a burning sensation on your lips. Another sign of a B2 deficiency is cracked or peeling lips.


Another indicator of a vitamin B12 deficiency is unexplained numbness in your body. You might experience numb legs, hands, or feet.

This vitamin is most often found in animal products. So, if you consume a plant-based diet, this might be a problem for you. You can find other ways to incorporate vitamin B12 in your diet, or you can find a supplement.


If you experience diarrhea, you might be deficient in folate, or folic acid. This vitamin supports healthy function, allowing all systems of your body to work appropriately. If you have this uncomfortable symptom, try increasing the amount of folic acid you consume in your diet.

Good sources of folate include:

  • dark, leafy greens
  • fortified cereal
  • beans
  • peanuts
  • whole grains
  • eggs
  • sunflower seeds


This common condition causes the lens of your eye to become cloudy. When your lens becomes cloudy, it could indicate a few issues in your nutritional balance.

Developing cataracts could indicate a deficiency of riboflavin or chromium. On the other hand, it could be a sign of excessive free radicals. The free radicals cause oxidative stress, which is a direct cause of cataracts.


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