2020 Living Room Trends What You Need To Know – Top style tips and trends to inspire a new decade

As we head further into 2020, a new set of living room trends offer all the inspiration needed to give living rooms an upgrade. Whether that’s redefining the entire space with on-trend green paint shades and investing in this season’s so-now linen sofas, or simply upgrading soft furnishings with the latest bold and brave looks.

The top new trends have something for everyone. You can choose the tranquil, relaxing back-to-nature looks that see you incorporating earthy colours (hello, terracotta) and natural materials (think rattan and jute) or get creative with the maximalist vibe, from multicoloured rugs to mix-and-match soft furnishings.

Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong because it’s all about personal expression for 2020…

Discover the top living room trends for 2020

1. Strip the look back to nature

‘There is a real surge for the love of texture and organic type materials. Such as rattan and cane that can give interest whilst using feel-good fabrics to create a warm, unique and inviting atmosphere to your bedroom.

2. Shine a spotlight on lovely linen

‘Over the last few seasons bright velvets have dominated sales of upholstery at Habitat, however in the last few months we’ve seen an emerging trend for linen-finish sofas, which are rapidly increasing in popularity and topping our bestsellers lists,’ explains Laura Burnett, Junior Buyer for Upholstery at Habitat.

‘Giving a more relaxed, informal feel, linens in more neutral colours (natural, grey, stonewash) are having a moment. With customers focusing on using calming materials in the home, looking at more oversized sofas such as our Askem design that tap into the current ‘cocoon’ trend in upholstery with generous cushioning to emphasise relaxation and escapism from the outside world.


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