5 Common Myths About Artificial Intelligence That Aren’t True

5. Bots Are The Only Products Of Artificial Intelligence

R2D2 robot

Because of how the concept appears in our imagination, each time the word artificial intelligence resonates, it’s normal for robots to come to mind. However, artificial intelligence applies to all spheres of technology. And if robots were the only products of AI, they would appear everywhere.

Beyond the concept of robotics, artificial intelligence offers more complex creations. The facial and fingerprint recognition system of smartphones, smart decision making home gadgets, smart health care equipment, and business intelligence—among others—are all artificial intelligence.

Robotics is only one aspect that may depend on AI. In some cases, we can separate the term robotics to mean machines that can automatically carry out specific physical and complex tasks. That’s why the term “robotics and artificial intelligence” are used together in some instances.

In essence, robots do not necessarily have to be products of artificial intelligence. Sometimes, they might just be a combination of mechanical and electrical components. Artificial intelligence can only influence how these robots behave, when it’s applied. But a bot can still exist independent of artificial intelligence.

Be Informed: Take Advantage Of Artificial Intelligence

Some controversies about AI portray it as a threat rather than a solution. Hopefully, after reading up on these myths, you’re in a better position to understand the truth behind AI. Don’t forget that what you believe is also a factor in how you choose to use or think about AI.


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