5 Macro Photography Mistakes you’re Making

2. Never converting to black and white

Many photographers shy away from black and white conversions for macro work, but the reality is that you can create gorgeous, stunning monochromatic macro images. For nature macro images, color is often the selling point of the subject, so it may be hard to strip that beautiful color. But, black and white can lend a timeless or moody feeling to your images. It’s a good technique to at least try! I find that my favorite black and white macro images have nice tonal variation between the subject and the background. I also look for strong light when thinking about which images to convert to black and white.

black and white macro picture by Tiffany Kelly

3. Not adapting to the weather

Harsh sun, wind, and rain can all put a damper on your macro session. When shooting macro outdoors, you have to either take the weather into consideration or move your subject and your shooting inside or under a covering. Wind is the biggest reason I will move inside – it is really tricky to work with and can ruin a macro session. If it’s just a light wind, you can try shielding the wind with your body to keep it off your subject. For full sun, you can certainly still shoot, just expose for your highlights. You can also try to block the direct sun with your body or a diffuser. Shooting in the rain can actually make for really unique and lovely images, but make sure to protect your gear!

outdoor macro of rose by Tiffany Kelly

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