6 Exercises That Help Prevent Knee Pain When Running

Plan for pain-free knees: strength training. Your feet, lower legs, knees, thighs, hips, lower back, core, and arms are all part of your running kinetic chain, and when one link isn’t working, the repercussions can be felt all the way up or down the chain. The key to preventing knee pain may be in your form. Here are six key posture-pointers and exercises to keep in mind during your next run.

1. Arm raises for relaxed posture

When you run, try to keep your head over your shoulders, specifically, keep your ears lined up over your shoulders, with your chin parallel to the floor. Arm raises make it easier and more comfortable to hold your shoulders back and down while running, and to keep your head in proper alignment.

“Your posture should be relaxed so that the effort can be put into the running” advises Dr. Millar. To do: Bend forward slightly from your hips with your back in a straight line. Begin with both arms straight down toward the floor. Next, rotate your thumbs to point up and lift both arms straight out to the side of your body. Repeat ten times. Here are even more upper body strength moves for toned arms and shoulders.


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