6 Simple Travel Safety Tips Roads in dangerous places That Can Save Your Life

America is in the middle of road trip season, and we’re excited—so excited, in fact, that according to one report (see below), many of us are rushing to our cars without taking some simple safety precautions that could save us major problems on the freeway.

Celebrity handyman Chip Wade, host of HGTV’s Elbow Room, is great at fixing problems, but he’d rather not have to when he and his family go driving. Here he tells Yahoo Travel what emergency items he doesn’t get into his car without and how to avoid dangerous accidents on the road. These tips could save your life someday:

1. What is the number one safety mistake that Americans make?

According to the Liberty Mutual Insurance New Beginnings Report, nearly half of Americans don’t check that proper emergency items are in the car prior to hitting the road. This is so easy to fix and could save you a major headache in the event of a car emergency. Today you can even pick up a cell phone charger at a gas station.

2. What should be in our road safety emergency kits?

Having an emergency kit before heading on a road trip is essential. To begin, I always grab common household items to include before buying anything. I like to take along a small flashlight, water bottles for the family, alcohol swabs, Band-Aids, a cell phone charger, and other items commonly used in the home that are easy and accessible to bring along in the car. One item I find particularly useful to include is an old towel—in case you ever need to get underneath the car to check something, you have something to lay on. If you don’t already have the car-specific items in your trunk, some inexpensive items that you should also include are jumper cables and a multi-purpose tool you can use on many parts of your car.

To keep all of the items in one place, grab a small backpack or tote bag you already have in the house. Personally, I like to use a milk crate because it’s sturdy and keeps all of the items in one place with minimal shuffle.


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