6 Ways To Effectively Prevent Feet Complications During Running Routine

It is not uncommon for elite runners and novices to experience setbacks during training. These injuries may be mild and only require a slight modification to training or they may be severe and require you to avoid running completely. Either way, these hurdles can be frustrating. While you might not be able to prevent running injuries completely, there are certain steps you can take to minimize their frequency and impact.

Adding Strength

Strong muscles, tendons, and joints guard against impact, develop a consistent gait, and improve form. Weak muscles cause knees, hips, and the foot movements to change with each step. Strong muscles, on the other hand, ensure that these movements are consistent, thus the body knows what to expect.

The brain also alerts the leg muscles to get ready for impact before the feet hit the ground. The glutes contract to steady the pelvis while the ankle and foot muscles are activated to provide a firm foundation to land on. This coordination of muscles results in fewer injuries.

Wearing a Good Pair of Running Shoes

Wearing the appropriate pair of sneakers is important when you are running. It helps avoid running problems like blisters, calluses, or black toenails. Runners who develop blisters show that they are not wearing the right shoe sizes, which causes their feet to move around the sneakers.

Experts recommend looking for shoes and socks that are designed for that particular sport. Sport-specific socks have a lot of cushioning and are made of synthetic materials to absorb moisture. Several factors come into play when buying the right running sneakers:

  • The heel should not be tight but have to allow a snug fit. The sneaker should allow your feet to slide in and out
  • The sneaker’s upper side should feel snug around the instep. Be sure to pick another shoe if it feels tight or mounts pressure on your feet
  • It should also be light and stable

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