6 Ways Warm Ups For You Before Start Cycling

Cycling is just like any other sport or exercise, in the sense that it’s just as important to properly warm up before you start. Although it may sound tempting to simply walk out the door, mount your bicycle and ride away, the effects of this impulse might cost you in the long run.

Do you need to warm up before cycling? Yes! Warming up prior to cycling can increase your endurance & stamina, allowing for better results when it comes to the fitness side of the activity. Read along to learn 6 ideal warm-ups for any avid cyclist!

1. Stretches to warm-up before cycling

How do you warm up for cycling? Start with stretches before any other warm-up exercise. Stretching helps your muscles loosen up, allowing for better flow of muscle activity & blood circulation. Want to know what a warm-up does to a cyclist? It preps the body for upcoming exercises along with the actual ride.

What happens if you don’t stretch, you may wonder? Get ready to experience major tightness in your muscles, which can lead to serious strain and even muscle pulls if you end up doing heavy-duty cycling. Although a seemingly easy warm-up activity, the benefits of stretching before cycling are manifold, and definitely help your body tone & build itself the right way in the long run.

Meanwhile, why do cyclists warm down? Because warming down is also important after you’re done cycling, so as to restore your body and muscles back to their form. There are four types of stretches you can do to ensure an optimum physique while you go on your ride.


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