7 Essential Street Photography Tips all Photographers Should Know

Apply these street photography tips and you’ll soon discover that this photography style is not as difficult as most people think.

In fact, someone says that it’s probably one of the most difficult styles of photography. I disagree.

Yes, like any other type of photography, you have to acquire the right skills and experience to capture great street photos. It takes time, trial and error but the most crucial thing to understand is that it doesn’t help if you are a shy person.

So are you ready to overcome what’s holding you back from street photography?

Adequate preparation and open-mindedness is key to taking breathtaking street shots. The fundamental aspect of street photography is having fun and enjoying interacting with people to capture unique moments of their lives.

Night street photo Tokyo with red taxi

As I said, time and experience will help you master street photography, but with these critical street photography tips, you can be sure to be walking on the right path to improving your technique.

Street Photography Definition

According to Eric Kim Photography, to know what Street Photography is, first of all, we have to define what street photography is not.

There are trees, waterfalls or mountains in your photo? It’s not street photography.

Is your photo entirely staged? That’s studio photography.

Street photography has to be spontaneous.

Or at least capture an emotional reaction and the personality of the subject in a natural and “candid” state.


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