7 Health Tips Every Woman Should Know To Stay Healthy

2.    A hot shower can dry up your skin

A hot shower can warm up in the morning or take the stress out of a day’s work, but they’re not good for your skin. It scours the skin and removes its sebum, a natural fat, which can aggravate benign concerns like eczema. It also exacerbates generalized itching, even in people who do not have eczema. Turning the mixer in the opposite direction, the cold side is not recommended either. Cold-water rinsing is only recommended for people who have redness when they come in contact with hot water.

3.  The color of Urine and your health

Urine is composed of water and other waste substances. If something is wrong in our body, urine can change color. This may be due to our diet, inflammation, or even the consumption of some type of medication. When you drink large quantities of water, the kidneys filter the urine more easily, and it is light in color. An intense yellow means that you did not drink enough fluids and your kidneys have to make a greater effort to filter urine. Red urine indicates that you have a kidney problem. The orange color of urine indicates an excess of vitamin C in our body. If the color of the urine is not normal, it is better to drink more water and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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