7 Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips for Beginners Who Travel

Are you about to travel with family (and/or friends) and want to capture some awesome outdoor portrait photography along the way?

The problem is, you may not have enough luggage for all your photography gear!  How are you going to take amazing portraits without all 72 of your lenses, no strobes, and all your other gear?

Well, you’re going to find out with today’s 7 easy to follow outdoor portrait photography tips for travelers.

Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips

1. Which Lenses Should You Pack When You Travel?

When traveling you don’t always have room for all of your lenses.  At least my wife won’t let me. In that case, you may want to consider bringing a zoom lens or two.  Let’s take a look at two lenses that are perfect for outdoor portrait photography.

A wide-angle zoom, like a Nikon 12-24, is great for landscape photos and I use it all the time when I travel.  However, it’s not ideal for portraits since it will end up distorting your subject’s faces (and bodies).

Instead, you should consider packing a mid-range zoom (24-70) and a long telephoto zoom lens (70-200).  Both are perfect lengths for portrait photography.

The mid-range zoom will allow you to capture more of the background, landmark, etc.., and it will be better for group portraits too.


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