8 Proven Strategies to Write More and Boost Your Productivity

Techniques I’m sharing here are designed to help motivate you and boost productivity, but there’s no magic bullet that will last forever. You’ll need to periodically reevaluate and recharge.

You may adopt one strategy and find it works great, but be aware that it’s likely to “wear out” and lose effectiveness at some point. Don’t worry, that’s natural because you’re changing and growing. Take the opportunity to reassess and choose a different method to keep you cruising down the road.

Let’s take a look at eight strategies to consider, starting with the foundational element on which all these strategies rest and a major issue that may be standing in your way.

1. Put in the time

Time is not a renewable resource. One way or another, it’s a challenge for everyone. Before we dig into strategy, let me address a major issue with finding time: fear.

A great many people feel like they have at least one book in them they’d like to write someday. But if they ever got around to writing it, then they’d have to show it to someone and lay themselves open to ridicule. If they finished a story, they’d have to send it to an editor and face rejection.

Never finding the time to write is the easiest way to deal with this fear. Putting your work in front of others can be scary, so if fear is holding you back, find a way to deal with that fear. The Write Practice features several articles, like this one and this one, to help you overcome fear of rejection.


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