Black and White Travel Photography: How to Make the Most of It

You may ask “Why bother with black and white travel photography?”

Fair question. Life can appear so much more colourful when travelling outside your home country. This may be because some places and people are so much more vivid than where you live. Yet, it could be because when you travel you are stepping outside your familiar surroundings. So much can be so different and seem much more interesting away from home. This in itself is a main reason many people tend to use their cameras more when they travel.

However, it’s often very easy to take photos that lack appeal to anyone other than ourselves when we’re on holiday. I want to share with you how you can avoid this. Eliminating colour from your travel images, or at least a portion of them, can change this.

Concentrate on making a series of black and white travel photography. This can open up a whole other dimension of visual story telling.

Capture Attention

People are generally used to seeing colour photographs. In our modern internet society we take and share billions of pictures every day. Creating and sharing monochrome photographs will help capture the viewer’s attention.

Your photographs must compete well in the huge crowd to be noticed. We all love a good story. The most interesting stories, visual or otherwise, include plenty of detail. They also leave a lot to the imagination. Black and white photography eliminates certain detail (the colour). You can use different photography techniques to convey your travel experience in monochrome. Doing this can add more meaning and more intrigue to help hold your audience (even if it is only your mum).

Tell Your Story Well

Black and white photography can be so much more expressive. Thinking in shades of grey can help you focus more on capturing the mood and emotion of your travel stories.


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