Capture the Colours: Tips for Better Macro Flower Photography


Flower photography depends a lot on location, weather conditions and time of day. Being one step ahead and planning are key factors in shooting flowers.
I try to scout the place and check the weather conditions in advance. Calculating the best time of the day to photograph is also important. This will affect the harshness and colour temperature of sunlight.
Early morning and late afternoon have a softer light than midday. And the end of the day has a warmer light than the morning.
Spring is for me the best time for flower photography. The conditions are optimal, the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming.
But it doesn’t mean the other seasons can’t offer great images. This next picture was photographed in wintertime with early morning raindrops.

cherry blossoms macro photography


With such a tight framing, composition assumes a dominant role in the image. Following the rule of thirds and using negative space are great ways to create interest in your image.
Finding the right angle is not easy. I always take a look through a handheld camera and only set up a tripod when I find the right spot.
It’s also important to find the right angle to create volume. Photographing flowers can look really flat. Try to capture macro shots in different angles.

macro flower photography

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