Elon Musk says nobody is approving his tweets after the SEC settlement

Elon Musk doesn’t respect the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), he said in an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes that aired Sunday night.

Musk told CBS’s Lesley Stahl that none of his tweets have been censored since reaching a settlement with the SEC in September. He said that no one has to read his tweets before he hits send. He also explained he’d personally picked his successor as Tesla’s chairperson, before undercutting her authority by saying he could “get anything done that I want.”

The Tesla CEO announced in a tweet this August that he wanted to take his electric car company private, and that he had “funding secured” from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. The from-the-hip announcement sent Tesla’s stock price soaring. When it became clear that Musk did not have a deal in place, though, the SEC spun up an investigation and swiftly filed a securities fraud lawsuit against Musk over the tweet.

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