At the 2016 edition of the Paris Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz launched its all-electric EQ brand with the debut of a concept SUV, and now two years later the German company has returned to the French capital with the final road-going version of that car, the EQC. A lot rests on the success or otherwise of the EQC, but two things stood out to me when I saw it for myself in Paris this week: it’s prettier than the pictures, and it has no fewer than three USB-C charging ports inside, so I’m already a little enamored with it.

Car exhibitions can sometimes feel like inflated promise factories, as all we ever seem to hear about are concept this and distant future that. Even with the EQC, we’re still months away from being able to buy one anywhere, and the US won’t be getting it until 2020, according to Mercedes’ stated plans. And then I come across something as basic and everyday as being able to charge my USB-C gadgets without the need for any special cables, and it makes me do a little fist pump. I mean, this Mercedes-Benz has three moreUSB-C ports than Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro and Laptop, how can I not celebrate that?

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