How to Build a House with Integrated Smart Home Tech

If you’re building your own home you have a unique opportunity to bake smart home technology into your design and achieve true home automation. Here’s what to consider

Imagine walking through your front door and your favourite music turns on automatically or getting a notification because it’s raining and you’ve left a window open. This is all possible with the latest smart home technology.

What do you need?

As a starting point, ask yourself what you are trying to achieve. Integrated smart home technology won’t necessarily increase the value of your home, so the additions you make have to benefit you and your family. Perhaps you want to make energy savings with an automated system, or maybe you want to create a killer entertainment suite.

Whatever it is, be clear on your aims from the outset and don’t get distracted by the shiniest gadgets on the market if they don’t support your lifestyle needs.

It’s also important to consider how your needs will change over time. Your initial focus should be making your home’s infrastructure smart home friendly, with data access points that can withstand future innovations and accommodate the latest advances in technology.

Beyond Alexa

Creating a smart home isn’t just about buying an Amazon Echo, smart thermostat or other smart home devices, although this may be the cheaper option in the short term. While these internet-connected gadgets can help you achieve a certain level of control, what they can do is limited.

If you own multiple products, getting your various devices to work together and create a holistic smart home automation system can be a challenge and they all need to be controlled with their own apps.


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