How To Get More Photography Clients

The question of how to get photography clients can be complicated. We make it simple with this guide for photography marketing and finding new opportunities.

Being able to attract new clients is a key part of making a living as a photographer. Your existing clients may think you’re the bee’s knees, but drawing in new people and convincing them to hire you can be a tricky proposition. This guide will help!

We’ll explain how to get photography clients using some simple, totally non-intimidating methods. If you follow these tips, you’ll learn some great photography marketing tricks that will have you finding more photography clients—fast.

Build a Great Portfolio

Building a great online photography portfolio is the most important part of how to get more photography clients. It’s the first place potential clients will go when they are trying to learn more about you, and it will inform their decision on whether to hire you.

Since it plays such an important role in finding photography clients, it’s essential you choose the right platform for your portfolio.

Find a Good Website Builder

Thankfully, there are website builders designed specifically for artist portfolios. They can provide all the tools you’ll want, without the stuff you don’t need. This makes it as easy as possible to get your online portfolio up and running—and helping you get photography clients. One thing to keep in mind: you should choose a website builder that offers a free trial so you can see if it works for you and your needs.

Optimize Your Portfolio


Now that you have your online photography portfolio up and running, it’s time to talk about how to optimize it. If you do it right, your portfolio can play an important role in how to get photography clients.


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