These are 6 tips on how to prepare for your next outdoor photography adventure by landscape photographer Matte Hanna.

After years of shooting outdoors, I have learned that landscape photography involves a combination of being organized, being prepared and having respect for nature and fellow photographers.

Here is a slimmed-down list of my gear and tips to help you get outside and clicking.

These tips and gear choices are recommendations, never let anything keep you from shooting!

1. Keep it Simple

Slow and steady

“One more thing, that’s all I need…”

There is a funny scene in the film “The Jerk” where the character thinks he needs only one item to move forward in his life, but he ends up snowballing into hoarding an accumulation of useless junk.

You may think you can’t shoot successfully without all your gear, but the reality is you can. All you really need is your camera and yourself.

2. Keep it comfortable


Dress wisely. I cannot overstate this. You’re already carrying your gear, so when it comes to dressing for the outdoors, the less you bring, the lighter the load.


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