How to Process Macro Photography for Stunning Results

Do you struggle to process macro photography shots? Do you wish you could create stunning macro edits, consistently?

You can.

And in this article, I’m going to show you the exact steps you can use for amazing macro post-processing.

1. Shoot in RAW for the Greatest Processing Flexibility

If you want to be able to do beautiful macro photo processing, then you absolutely must shoot in RAW.

You see, your camera offers two main file formats:


JPEG is a compressed file format. Some of the information captured by your camera is discarded. And this affects your ability to post-process the image.

On the other hand, RAW is an uncompressed file format. When you shoot in RAW, the image file retains all of the information captured by the camera.

And this means that you can do a lot more post-processing.

a screenshot showing how to post process macro photography in lightroom

For instance, you can bring out details in the shadows. You can easily alter the white balance. You can make significant changes to the overall exposure.

Which is why you must shoot in RAW for the best macro processing experience.


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