I Did 10 Minutes Of Yoga Every Day For A Month, And This Is What Happened

I do have time for yoga.

time for yoga

My biggest complaint, that I was just too busy to do yoga regularly, went right out the window when all I had to commit to was 10 minutes. When it was an hour-long yoga video I was planning to do every day, those excuses were valid, but 10 minutes on my yoga mat was nothing. Even on days when I didn’t have time to settle down until 10:00 or 11:00 at night, I could still stretch before bed. This is a good lesson that goes beyond yoga—making time for something that’s important isn’t actually impossible.

Sometimes your body gets in the way—and that’s fine.

body gets in the way

I’m short, I’m fat, and I was able to pull off a month of yoga with almost no problems. So just toss your idea of a perfect “yoga body” in the trash—anyone can do yoga, even if they need to make modifications to some poses. That said, there were some poses that just seemed impossible if you weren’t a tall, skinny 20-something. When I watched one of these tall, skinny, 20-somethings perform a routine on day 15, I wasn’t expecting the “basic” yoga flow to be so hard. “I couldn’t reach my thighs,” I wrote in my notes for that day. “Do you need to have a certain body proportion to accomplish this?” The answer? Yeah, probably. While some of nailing down a pose comes with practice, yoga instructor Rosanna Gordon wrote on her blog that your body shape and bone structure can make a big difference in how well you can do certain poses. Sometimes you won’t be able to perfect a pose, and that’s perfectly fine—just modify it so it works best for your body.

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