Introduction to Macro Photography: See Techniques That Will Make You Feel Satisfied Taking Photos

macro photography reflector comparison
 macro photography wildlife reflectors

As with any type of wildlife, the light’s direction can really alter the look of your results. Side lighting is well suited to close-ups, enhancing surface texture and detail and giving images a more three-dimensional feel. Beware strong side lighting, though – shadows can appear too exaggerated, resulting in too much contrast. Personally, backlighting is my favourite light source – particularly if shooting translucent subjects, like butterflies, foliage or flowers. Backlighting highlights intricate detail, shape and form, and is capable of creating truly magical results. It does have a habit of fooling TTL metering systems into underexposing results, though. Therefore, keep an eye on histograms and apply positive exposure compensation if required. It can be worthwhile attaching a lens hood too, as this will guard against flare.

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