Rivian’s R1S SUV looks like an all-electric Land Rover

Other than its shape, the R1S (as the SUV is called) mostly matches the R1T pickup truck blow for blow. It will be available in three different battery pack configurations, with a 105kWh version capable of about 240 miles of range, a 135kWh variant that can last for around 310 miles, and a top-of-the-line option with 180kWh of capacity, pushing the range over 410 miles. Those range estimates are each slightly higher than what Rivian expects its pickup truck to be able to get out of the same battery packs. (Also of note, the 180kWh version will only seat five.)

Rivian’s SUV will be just as fast as its pickup truck sibling, with the base model reaching 60 miles per hour in 4.9 seconds, and the two higher-spec models hitting that speed in just around three seconds. That’s because the SUV will have the same quad-motor layout as the pickup truck, meaning an electric motor will power each wheel for precise all-wheel drive performance. While the base model will have 400 horsepower, the 135kWh version will have 750 horsepower. That number drops to 700 horsepower in the 180kWh version of the R1S.

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