Rivian’s R1S SUV looks like an all-electric Land Rover

Inside the SUV, a 15.6-inch touchscreen takes up a huge portion of the dash, while a second, 12.3-inch screen sits behind the steering wheel. A third touchscreen, measuring 6.8 inches, is at the back of the center console, within reach of rear passengers. The R1S will also be outfitted with sensors capable of allowing the SUV to drive itself in certain situations, according to Rivian.

The R1S also has the same front trunk as the R1T, with 11.7 cubic feet (330 liters) of storage space, as well as a similar spare wheel-sized bin in the floor near the rear of the car. It doesn’t have the “gear tunnel” that Rivian’s pickup truck features, and also has less storage space under the seats compared to the R1T.

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