Tesla Model 3 driven from LA to New York in 50 hours

Not only did the time best what Roy and a team did in 2016 when they did the run using a Model S and Autopilot by about 5 hours, but it also beat a record set just last summer by friends Jordan Hart and Bradly D’Souza in a Model S 85D by more than an hour.

Roy tweeted throughout the trip, often about the bitterly cold weather throughout much of the trip. Naturally, keeping the heater on would have a great effect on the range of the Model 3, and therefore their trip time. Still, it was also a test of how well the Model 3 would perform on a long trip, how it holds up in freezing temperatures, and how well Tesla’s Supercharger network holds up throughout the country (Roy and Zorrilla spent roughly $100 charging on the trip, for the record).

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