The 9 Best Bike Trailers for Kids

Looking for a bike trailer that will squire your kids around town in style while providing protection and convenience? To find the best option for you, we looked at 30 different models and selected nine of the best for hands-on testing. We rode over 500 miles with them, swapping between trailers for crosstown missions and rug-rat-hauling field tests. Then we brought them into the lab. Here, we set up an accelerometer to measure how each trailer takes on rough terrain like broken up pavement and curbs. Some offer your child a much smoother ride than others. We also rated the overall experience that each trailer offers both the pedaler and passenger, including how well each held up to a sprinkler test. Looking to haul less precious cargo?

Best Overall Bike Trailer

Burley D’Lite

Burley D'Lite

Weight: 28.4 pounds | Converts to Stroller: Yes

Great safety features
Easy to set up and tow
Comfortable for passengers
Not watertight
Noisy parking brake

The D’Lite was at or near the top of the pack for every metric we tested, and we can’t think of a single application where it wouldn’t excel, except maybe in a true downpour. Its safety features impressed us, with a comprehensive roll cage, UV-repellent windows, substantial ventilation and a secure, padded five-point harness. We loved Burley’s hitch mechanism because it makes it easy to connect the trailer to the bike and provides a stable, lurch-free towing experience. Our passenger testers were “d’lited” with the D’Lite’scomfort, smooth ride quality, and ample interior storage pockets. The D’Lite is outstandingly versatile — not only do its seats lie flat to accommodate dogs, oversized cargo and anything else you want to tow, but it has optional strolling, jogging and cross-country ski kits for multisport families.

The D’Lite does have its drawbacks, even if we had to squint pretty hard to find them. It’s not totally watertight, so all-weather riders in wet climates may want to look into a model with better rain protection. It also has a parking brake that rattles when you ride, which can get annoying on otherwise serene trails. Still, if you’re in the market for a trailer that does everything well and most things best, look no further than the Burley D’Lite.

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