The Best Bike Cargo Trailer Review

Love biking but need to bring gear with you? A bike cargo trailer might just be your new favorite sidekick. We researched over 40 models before buying 7 of the most intriguing options to test. Then we tested them back-to-back, gaining epic leg strength along the way. From silky smooth roads to washboard gravel and potholes, we pedaled. We hauled these trailers through rain and sleet and sweaty summer sun. We went on grocery runs, beer runs, hauled climbing gear, and even picked up some firewood along the way to test their capacity. Whatever you need a trailer for, this review’s got an option for you. Unless it’s a kid. If it’s a kid

Best Overall

BOB Ibex Plus

Bob Yack Plus

Capacity: 70 lbs | Weight: 17 lbs

Adjustable suspension improves handling
Great tracking behind rear wheel
Easy to attach
Handles large bumps and potholes easily
Must pack evenly or it gets wobbly going downhill
Can’t stand up on its own

The BOB Ibex Plus proved once again to the reigning champion among bike trailers. This versatile, lightweight, solidly designed trailer was excellent in myriad conditions and environments solidifying it as our Editors’ Choice. The single wheel, in-line design made this trailer extremely maneuverable and the added suspension helps absorb bumps and road chatter making it pleasant to pull. The ride quality coupled with the generous capacity and ease of use (removing and reattaching) made the BOB Ibex Plus a trailer well suited for most any conditions.

While the BOB Ibex Plus is a fantastic trailer, it does have some drawbacks. You need a 10mm wrench to assemble the rear shock and to connect the fork to the main body. You also need patience: it took us about 20 minutes to put together and install on our testers bike. The single wheel also creates a very specific balance point favoring careful packing so as to keep the center of gravity low and evenly distributed. With these small drawbacks in mind, the BOB Ibex Plus is an excellent trailer with the capability to tackle whatever you throw its way.

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