The Best Flat Pedals for Mountain Biking

Best Overall Mountain Bike Flat Pedal

Deity Bladerunner

Deity Bladerunner
Slim and slick
Robust axle yet low weight
20 grub screws per pedal
Customize easily with color options
Not a tight-budget option
Thick midsection
Good but not best for downhill

From the first impression to last, the Deity Bladerunner stole the show throughout our entire test period. The flashy purple anodized coating and incredibly thin 11 mm leading and trailing edges had us rushing to see if their performance could keep pace with their good looks. Though they proved to be a little less grippy than the Top Pick Race Face Atlas, being able to make minor foot adjustments increased the versatility of this mountain bike flat pedal. Not only did it prove plenty capable for downhill or enduro use, but it was also equally at home on dirt jumps, freeriding, or in the bike park. Ten grub screw traction pins per side kept our feet just where we wanted them. The 11 mm pedal profile fattened to 14 mm at the axle, and a lack of traction pins in that area allowed some freedom of foot movement. Though this gave the platform itself a convex shape, the front and rear pins were made taller than the more central pins to give an overall foot cradling concave shape. While the Bladerunners were not the lightest of the test at 380 grams, they are still very light and plenty sturdy to hold up to the demands of any style of riding. Be prepared to have strangers ogling, as the coolness factor of these pedals is off the charts.

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