The Best Small Drone Reviews – Top Rated Mini Nano Quadcopter’s


  • Durability and settings allow you to bounce this drone off walls without worrying about crash problems.
  • 360-degree rollover button adds flair to flight.
  • Different speed modes make playing a blast.
  • Great mini drone for novice pilots, especially useful for helping kids learn about flying drones.
  • Auto-locator eliminates the navigation problems that lead to crashes when bringing the drone back from flight.
  • One-button controls eliminate much of the flying guesswork.
  • Takes nearly an hour for the battery to charge.
  • The base model lacks a camera.

2. Holy Stone HS150 – Great For Racing

One of the best ways to have fun with mini drones is to race them. Of course, with racing comes more opportunities to crash and ruin the mini drone, so you need a racing quadcopter that is extremely durable and can handle the high speeds needed for racing.

Fortunately, the Holy Stone mini drone offers everything you need for racing success, including durability.

There are two modular batteries that will give you double the flight time included in the box. When you break out this impressive mini drone, you will notice right away there are five different speeds. For the novice racing pilot, this is the ideal way to train yourself to navigate courses.

The mini drone accelerates fast—it can reach up to 30 mph very quickly. Instead of paying a lot of money to get a high-quality racing experience, with this drone you can get a perfect learning experience while not paying premium cash.
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