That was the consensus of the boys and girls who raced in Miami, who, despite their inexperience, were somehow totally unfazed about driving on the same course as the racing veterans of Formula E.

School Series electric kit car competition

The 10 teams received kits about five weeks before the event and were given one set of instructions: use all the parts provided with no modifications. That included an electric motor; a handful of small, 50-pound batteries; a thin, metal body frame; and some rubber wheels. Fully completed, the cars look more like they belong in some sort of futuristic soap box derby thanks to their large, solid rims and sleek chassis.

While we often hear in the US that our students are falling behind in fields like science, technology, and math, Way says he was surprised at how quickly the kids in Miami took to the cars. “The [US] students seem very technically capable compared to UK students of the same age,” he says. “They are much more technically aware, which is really nice to see.”

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