Top 10 Affordable Cars with Surprisingly Higher-End Interiors

Subaru Crosstrek


There are a few instances when an automaker makes drastic leaps in interior quality and we are forced to pay attention. Subaru wins the prize here. The 2018 Subaru Crosstrek’s redesigned interior is a pleasant surprise. From playful contrast stitching on the steering wheel and seats to tasteful splashes of piano black trim on the doors and around the infotainment touchscreen, this should be a shock to subcompact crossover fans expecting a predictably bland interior. Pricing starts at $22,710 ($25,745.50 in Canada).

Toyota Camry


Toyota used to make interiors that were about as exciting as reading your dishwasher’s instruction manual. Fast forward to 2018 and things have taken a turn. Despite prices remaining at a very affordable $24,895 U.S. ($28,105 in Canada), this Camry’s interior has the kind of quality usually found in higher priced vehicles. An intricately curvy dashboard, quality-looking metal trim pieces, and nicely textured leather seats create a confident-looking package. An even further highlight: Red leather seats!

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