Top 10 Affordable Cars with Surprisingly Higher-End Interiors

Ford Mustang


The Mustang always had this knack for making retro-looking interiors that aren’t too kitschy. Everything in this interior pays homage to design themes of the past while still embracing a modern feel. It uses finely crafted cabin materials and a liberal use of distinctive metallic trim, which is what sets it apart from others in its segment. Pricing starts a surprisingly reasonable $26,085 U.S. ($30,638 in Canada).

Volvo XC60


Losing none of the Volvo XC90’s premium approach to interior design, the XC60 smartly copies major elements of the XC90’s interior while still retaining its own individual feel and a much lower price. We love the minimalist Scandinavian design and use of unique materials. Pricing starts at $42,495 U.S. ($47,915 in Canada).

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