Top 10 Hanging Storage Hacks to Get Your Home Super Organized

Upcycled Bike Hanger

No wildlife was harmed in designer Andreas Scheiger’s take on an animal trophy wall. Scheiger used old bicycle parts, specifically the seat and handlebars, to form what looks like a head and antlers attached to a wooden plate. The result is a sturdy wall-mounted unit that has plenty of hanging capacity for jackets, bags, umbrellas, and even bikes.

Pegboard in the Kitchen

Elizabeth from Elizabeth Joan Designs created this pegboard storage board to clean out her messy utensil drawer. She simply purchased pegboard and hooks from a hardware store, hung it in an easily accessible spot in her kitchen, and arranged her utensils in a decorative (but functional) design. Now, she no longer has to go drawer diving to find her favorite kitchen tools.

Not Just a Shoe Cabinet

The Ikea Trones shoe cabinet is an insanely affordable storage solution that’s both practical and pretty. Although the cabinets were designed to store shoes, they can be hung anywhere in your home for convenient small storage. Their narrow depth makes them especially suitable to tap the storage potential in tight areas, such as a bathroom or hallway.

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