Top 10 Tips for Taking Better Pics with Your iPhone

The camera on the iPhone keeps getting better and better with every new release. Some even say that the iPhone X can take studio-quality portraits. But while millions of people have an amazingly powerful camera right in their pocket, the vast majority of them don’t know how to fully take advantage of it.

If you’re ready to up your iPhone photography game and wow your friends, family, clients, and social sphere with professional-looking, dynamic pics, read on and check out our top 10 tips for taking better pics with your iPhone.

1. Play with portraits

One of the most popular features of the iPhone X, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 8 Plus is Portrait mode. When taking a picture in this mode, your camera automatically focuses in on the person and lightly blurs everything in the background, which draws attention to your subject.

You also have access to some preset lighting effects that you can apply when taking your portraits or after the fact, such as Natural Light, Studio Light (to brighten things up), Contour Light (to add some shadow), and Stage Light (to light the subject up like they’re standing on a stage).

Since Portrait mode will automatically zoom in on your subject, you might have to take a step back when using it. And for all you selfie-takers out there, the iPhone X lets you use portrait mode when shooting with the front-facing camera.

2. Choose your focus

The iPhone camera will automatically choose which part of your photo to focus on. But sometimes it gets it wrong. That’s why it’s a good idea to manually choose where to put the focus by tapping on the area you want to be as sharp as possible. A yellow square will appear, and that will be where your focus is.

If you want to lock that focus because you’ll be taking several shots of the same thing, just tap the area you want to focus on and hold the screen for a couple seconds. A yellow box reading AE/AF LOCK will appear at the top of the screen. To unlock, tap the screen once.


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