Top iPhone 11 Pro features – a smartphone built for photo and video enthusiasts

The iPhone 11 Pro is a moderately more expensive version of the baseline iPhone 11, but instead of a dual camera array, it features a triple camera setup that includes a telephoto lens. The addition of a faster telephoto lens can make a noteworthy difference for mobile photographers and videographers.

The Pro version of the iPhone 11 also comes with a sleek new matte finish, an 18W power adapter for fast charging, and an enhanced Super Retina XDR display, which happens to be perfect for Dark Mode in iOS 13.

Midnight Green color

High-end iPhone models have been available in the typical boring space gray, silver, and gold color options for years now, so it’s nice to see a color like Midnight Green come out of left field.

In well-lit environments, you can definitely tell that the surface on the iPhone 11 Pro is green, but in lower light the surface almost looks like space gray. Combined with the three-camera array and green-tinted stainless steel band around the perimeter, it’s a look that screams serious business.

Matte finish

Like the baseline iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro comes with a rear glass area that features a mix of matte and glossy surfaces.

The iPhone 11 Pro swaps the arrangement of the surfaces found on the iPhone 11, swapping the glossy rear surface for a matte surface, and swapping the matte camera module for a glossy camera module.

The matte glass surface feels more like the aluminum back found on the iPhone 5-era phones, lending a unique and almost frosted look to the finish underneath the glass.


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