Upgrade Your Mountain Bike With 6 Best Carbon Fiber Handlebars

If you are going down the custom build route or looking to upgrade bike parts, carbon fiber mountain bike handlebars are a good buy. Mainly because they look awesome and you get more control. Though they are very light they are incredibly strong and have a shock absorption property. We have listed the 6 best mountain bike carbon handlebars for you below.

Renthal Fatbar Carbon Fiber Handlebar MTB

Renthal is a UK based manufacturer who specializes in handlebars for motorbikes and mountain bikes. Renthal also sponsors some top MTB riders who have won world championships.

Renthal’s Fatbar carbon handlebars for MTB are the leading product in this category, used by many pro riders and ourselves. They are made of uni-directional (UD) carbon layers which makes them very strong and allows for shock absorption. These carbon handlebars allow for precision control of your bike, which is why pro riders use them.  We love the bar end markets which allows for optimum setup.

These carbon fiber handlebars also come in different riser sizes:

Fatbar carbon 10mm, Fatbar carbon 20mm, Fatbar carbon 30mm, Fatbar carbon 40mm.

Race Face Next 35 carbon fiber handlebars for MTB

We’ve talked about Raceface grips before and how good they are. This Canadian company also manufacture quality carbon MTB handlebars well worth reviewing. Like the Fatbar handlebars above, they are built from UD carbon fiber which allows for strength with very little weight.  Raceface give the weight at 180g and are 760mm wide. These handlebar pictured above are the 20mm riser which we believe is a good all-round measurement for XC riders and weekend trail enthusiasts. These handlebars also come in a high rise option, a 10mm, straight and also a downhill handle called the RaceFace Sixc DH.


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