Upgrade Your Mountain Bike With 6 Best Carbon Fiber Handlebars

Chromag Fubars Cutlass Carbon Handlebar MTB

The Chromemag Fubar Cutlass is marketed as a cross-category MTB handlebar. This carbon fiber MTB handlebar has a 25mm riser, 5 degree sweep and has a total length of 780mm. Total weight is 220g with a 31.8mm clamp.  None of the Sauserwind team own this handlebar but we have read all the reviews and looking to try one out next year. Reviewers loved the graphics and the handlebars and the overall feel.  The price has also been noted as a major buying factor at only $135 (current price at time of writing), compared to Enve carbon handlebar range.

Niner Flat top Carbon Handlebar MTB

A top-selling handlebar from Niner. This bar is 710mm and ideal for XC riders but is not specifically for 29ers and can be used on other MTBs. The bars have markings so you can easily trim them down to get the exact fit you want. The bar is standard 31.8 mm with a +/- 5 rise and 9 degrees sweep. The total weight of this bar is 175g. The bar has noticeable vibration dampening when you are rising hard, which allows for more control.

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