Which electric car is the best? Here are a few cars that you might look for so far

Electric cars are becoming a popular choice for today’s modern motorist. With over 90 pure electric models and 50 plug-in hybrids available now or coming soon, the choice is growing all the time.

Environmentally friendly, cheap to run and technologically advanced, more and more people are considering an electric car for their journeys.

Thinking about making the switch and wondering which is the best electric car for you? Buying any new car is a big decision, especially when new technology is concerned, so here at EDF Energy, we’ve taken a look at the best electric cars on the market available now or coming soon.

Our final list of the best electric cars covers all types of electric vehicles: from luxury, executive cars to SUVs and runarounds. We’ve considered a combination of price, range, technology as well as how enjoyable they are to drive. Our mileage estimates take into account real-world driving, providing a more realistic estimate to the amount of miles you could drive on a single charge.

Here’s our round-up of some of the best electric cars on the market now or coming soon.

Best all-round electric car

Kia Niro electric car

Kia e-Niro

  • Approximate miles: 235 miles
  • Cost: From £32,995
  • Available now

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